Huffington Post reviews Levetto

The arugula salad, carbonara, rigatoni and funghi pizza are all among the top-tier of dishes at Levetto, according to writer Tiffany Leigh’s review for Huffington Post.

Visiting Levetto as a part of a July 19th media dinner, Leigh’s kind words about our Funghi pizza practically have us drooling, “The first pizza to arrive is the forest-riddled Funghi. It’s stupendously good. A melange of mushrooms — portobello, oyster and cremini — are strewn on top of mascarpone and garlic crema. Some are chewy, some are crisp and some are caramelized, but all contribute to an onslaught of umami pleasure. Best of all— those airy pockets in the crust between each bite.”

Click here to read more on Leigh’s full review, and why Levetto is an ideal lunch destination for scratch-made cuisine that isn’t costly.

photo by Tiffany Leigh



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